We are encouraged and blessed by a church that loves the Lord and the community around us as we love, share, and serve in Jesus name. When we began searching for a preaching minister, we received some wise counsel. If you hurry the process, you will get a preacher in a hurry to find a job for a variety of reasons which usually leads to an unconsidered outcome. So, with great intention we took our time, and some of you even reminded us that we were taking our time. This was difficult to hear, because we wanted what you wanted, someone stepping into the void of uncertainty so we could settle in to our routines again and do the work of the Church. We wanted results quickly, but we agreed to invite the power of the very Spirit of God into our committee and we prayed and searched and discussed and sometimes, even in great frustration, we waited.

During this process, we read resumes, considered 29 candidates, listened to sermons, visited congregations to meet and hear preachers in real time, and we prayed and prayed.

All the while looking for a preacher who would inspire and challenge us in partnership with God and one another to bring the Kingdom into the lives of our community by proclaiming the Gospel. In addition to this, we wanted to continue living out faith in Jesus Christ in full embrace of our Love, Share, Serve vision.

After a long season of intentional listening and praying and discussion, relying upon God to infuse our decision with wisdom, we have offered the position of Preaching Minister to Aaron Kirkpatrick.

Aaron has grown very much in the past year as he has carried a tremendous load of preaching, inspiring, ministering to our youth, helping bring in fresh faces and new members, visiting folks, and working in a strategic and thoughtful way as we continue to grow as a church even in the midst of a lean staff. Leon and Aaron have shouldered a tremendous load in the days since Daryl left, and they have both worked with great ethic and heart and passion to keep the flame burning in our city on a hill.

Aaron’s sermons have challenged us, called us to love others, called us to share Jesus with others, and to serve with the talent each of us possess to be Jesus hands and feet. We are blessed to have someone with such a passion to share Jesus with those in our community, our church, and world.

If you don’t know this by now, Aaron loves Jesus. And he loves to share the Gospel. And we hope that you will be blessed in ways yet unseen by his ministry and by the purposeful direction we are headed in Bartlesville, Oklahoma to be a city on a hill, a light in darkness, a place of refuge for the lost. He also loves coffee, so if you don’t know Aaron that well or have any questions, I would encourage you to get to know Aaron better. I bet he might even buy your coffee!

May God’s richest blessings be upon the Adams Blvd Church of Christ as we continue to love, share and serve in our city and the world around us.

With the love of Christ,

The Shepherds