I Samuel 10:9    When Saul turned to leave Samuel, God changed Saul’s heart. 

If your heart does not love what I love or need what I need, if your heart does not want to seek Me early, desperately, and forever, if your heart does not thirst for My courts desire to forgive the unlovely people, then give your heart to Me, and I will give you a new one exactly like Mine.

I desire for you to feel the love I have for the poor, wretched, discarded souls of the world. I desire that you see through My eyes and that you are consumed with love and empathy for everyone.

The heart I am prepared to give you will never betray you by wanting or longing for anything illegal, illegitimate, or dangerous. It will guide you into truth by loving truth. It will lead you to wealth, honor, and riches by its humility.

A new heart is available to you any time yours if broken. Keep it clean, nourish it with truth, and strengthen it with My sacred food. It will make you great upon the earth.

A man without My heart is an empty shell. Trust My heart without reserve,without retreat, and without regret. Take time learning the sound of your new heart. Its sound will be like the sound of choirs shouting and rejoicing over heaven’s victory. From now on, you will follow Me.

Learn the voice of your new heart.

Richard Towers shared this from Ivan Tait’s book, Letters from God